Команда comm: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Select or reject lines common to two files. Both files must be sorted.

  • Produce three tab-separated columns: lines only in first file, lines only in second file and common lines:

comm {{file1}} {{file2}}

  • Print only lines common to both files:

comm -12 {{file1}} {{file2}}

  • Print only lines common to both files, reading one file from stdin:

cat {{file1}} | comm -12 - {{file2}}

  • Get lines only found in first file, saving the result to a third file:

comm -23 {{file1}} {{file2}} > {{file1_only}}

  • Print lines only found in second file, when the files aren't sorted:

comm -13 <(sort {{file1}}) <(sort {{file2}})

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