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Команда ip-route-show: опции, ключи и примеры использования

ip route show

Display subcommand for IP Routing table management. More information: https://manned.org/ip-route.

  • Display the routing table:

ip route show

  • Display the main routing table (same as first example):

ip route show {{main|254}}

  • Display the local routing table:

ip route show table {{local|255}}

  • Display all routing tables:

ip route show table {{all|unspec|0}}

  • List routes from a given device only:

ip route show dev {{eth0}}

  • List routes within a given scope:

ip route show scope link

  • Display the routing cache:

ip route show cache

  • Display only IPv6 or IPv4 routes:

ip {{-6|-4}} route show

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