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Команда xh: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Friendly and fast tool for sending HTTP requests. More information: https://github.com/ducaale/xh.

  • Send a GET request:

xh {{httpbin.org/get}}

  • Send a POST request with a JSON body (key-value pairs are added to a top-level JSON object - e.g. {"name": "john", "age": 25}):

xh post {{httpbin.org/post}} {{name=john}} {{age:=25}}

  • Send a GET request with query parameters (e.g. first_param=5&second_param=true):

xh get {{httpbin.org/get}} {{first_param==5}} {{second_param==true}}

  • Send a GET request with a custom header:

xh get {{httpbin.org/get}} {{header-name:header-value}}

  • Make a GET request and save the response body to a file:

xh --download {{httpbin.org/json}} --output {{path/to/file}}