Команда ssh: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Secure Shell is a protocol used to securely log onto remote systems. It can be used for logging or executing commands on a remote server.

  • Connect to a remote server:

ssh {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Connect to a remote server with a specific identity (private key):

ssh -i {{path/to/key_file}} {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Connect to a remote server using a specific port:

ssh {{username}}@{{remote_host}} -p {{2222}}

  • Run a command on a remote server:

ssh {{remote_host}} {{command -with -flags}}

  • SSH tunneling: Dynamic port forwarding (SOCKS proxy on localhost:9999):

ssh -D {{9999}} -C {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

  • SSH tunneling: Forward a specific port (localhost:9999 to

ssh -L {{9999}} {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Enable the option to forward the authentication information to the remote machine (see man ssh_config for available options):

ssh -o "ForwardAgent=yes" {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

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