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Команда shasum: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Calculate or check cryptographic SHA checksums.

  • Calculate the SHA1 checksum for a file:

shasum {{filename}}

  • Calculate the SHA256 checksum for a file:

shasum --algorithm 256 {{filename}}

  • Calculate the SHA512 checksum for multiple files:

shasum --algorithm 512 {{filename1}} {{filename2}}

  • Calculate and save the list of SHA256 checksums to a file:

shasum --algorithm 256 {{filename1}} {{filename2}} > {{filename.sha256}}

  • Check a file with a list of sums against the directory's files:

shasum --check {{list_file}}

  • Check a list of sums and only show a message for files for which verification fails:

shasum --check --quiet {{list_file}}

  • Calculate the SHA1 checksum from stdin:

{{somecommand}} | shasum