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Команда safe: опции, ключи и примеры использования


A CLI to interact with HashiCorp Vault. More information: https://github.com/starkandwayne/safe.

  • Add a safe target:

safe target {{vault_addr}} {{target_name}}

  • Authenticate the CLI client against the Vault server, using an authentication token:

safe auth {{authentication_token}}

  • Print the environment variables describing the current target:

safe env

  • Display a tree hierarchy of all reachable keys for a given path:

safe tree {{path}}

  • Move a secret from one path to another:

safe move {{old/path/to/secret}} {{new/path/to/secret}}

  • Generate a new 2048-bit SSH keypair and store it:

safe ssh {{2048}} {{path/to/secret}}

  • Set non-sensitive keys for a secret:

safe set {{path/to/secret}} {{key}}={{value}}

  • Set auto-generated password in a secret:

safe gen {{path/to/secret}} {{key}}

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