Команда rsync: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Transfer files either to or from a remote host (not between two remote hosts). Can transfer single files, or multiple files matching a pattern.

  • Transfer file from local to remote host:

rsync {{path/to/file}} {{remote_host_name}}:{{remote_host_location}}

  • Transfer file from remote host to local:

rsync {{remote_host_name}}:{{remote_file_location}} {{local_file_location}}

  • Transfer file in archive (to preserve attributes) and compressed (zipped) mode:

rsync -az {{path/to/file}} {{remote_host_name}}:{{remote_host_location}}

  • Transfer a directory and all its children from a remote to local:

rsync -r {{remote_host_name}}:{{remote_folder_location}} {{local_folder_location}}

  • Transfer only updated files from remote host:

rsync -ru {{remote_host_name}}:{{remote_folder_location}} {{local_folder_location}}

  • Transfer file over SSH and show progress:

rsync -e ssh --progress {{remote_host_name}}:{{remote_file}} {{local_file}}

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