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Команда repren: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Multi-pattern string replacement and file renaming tool. More information: https://github.com/jlevy/repren.

  • Do a dry-run renaming a directory of pngs with a literal string replacement:

repren --dry-run --rename --literal --from '{{find_string}}' --to '{{replacement_string}}' {{*.png}}

  • Do a dry-run renaming a directory of jpegs with a regular expression:

repren --rename --dry-run --from '{{regular_expression}}' --to '{{replacement_string}}' {{*.jpg}} {{*.jpeg}}

  • Do a find-and-replace on the contents of a directory of csv files:

repren --from '{{([0-9]+) example_string}}' --to '{{replacement_string \1}}' {{*.csv}}

  • Do both a find-and-replace and a rename operation at the same time, using a pattern file:

repren --patterns {{path/to/patfile.ext}} --full {{*.txt}}

  • Do a case-insensitive rename:

repren --rename --insensitive --patterns {{path/to/patfile.ext}} *