Команда pv: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Monitor the progress of data through a pipe.

  • Print the contents of the file and display a progress bar:

pv {{file}}

  • Measure the speed and amount of data flow between pipes (-s is optional):

command1 | pv -s {{expected_amount_of_data_for_eta}} | command2

  • Filter a file, see both progress and amount of output data:

pv -cN in {{big_text_file}} | grep {{pattern}} | pv -cN out > {{filtered_file}}

  • Attach to an already running process and see its file reading progress:

pv -d {{PID}}

  • Read an erroneous file, skip errors as dd conv=sync,noerror would:

pv -EE {{path/to/faulty_media}} > image.img

  • Stop reading after reading specified amount of data, rate limit to 1K/s:

pv -L 1K -S {{maximum_file_size_to_be_read}}

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