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Команда pip3: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Python package manager. More information: https://pip.pypa.io.

  • Find available packages:

pip3 search {{package_name}}

  • Install a package:

pip3 install {{package_name}}

  • Install a specific version of a package:

pip3 install {{package_name}}=={{package_version}}

  • Upgrade a package:

pip3 install --upgrade {{package_name}}

  • Uninstall a package:

pip3 uninstall {{package_name}}

  • Save the list of installed packages to a file:

pip3 freeze > {{requirements.txt}}

  • Install packages from a file:

pip3 install --requirements {{requirements.txt}}

  • Show installed package info:

pip3 show {{package_name}}