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Команда phpmd: опции, ключи и примеры использования


A PHP mess detector that checks for common potential problems. More information: https://github.com/phpmd/phpmd.

  • Display a list of available rulesets and formats:


  • Scan a file or directory for problems using comma-separated rulesets:

phpmd {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{xml|text|html}} {{rulesets}}

  • Specify the minimum priority threshold for rules:

phpmd {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{xml|text|html}} {{rulesets}} --minimumpriority {{priority}}

  • Include only the specified extensions in analysis:

phpmd {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{xml|text|html}} {{rulesets}} --suffixes {{extensions}}

  • Exclude the specified comma-separated directories:

phpmd {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{xml|text|html}} {{rulesets}} --exclude {{directory_patterns}}

  • Output the results to a file instead of stdout:

phpmd {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{xml|text|html}} {{rulesets}} --reportfile {{path/to/report_file}}

  • Ignore the use of warning-suppressive PHPDoc comments:

phpmd {{path/to/file_or_directory}} {{xml|text|html}} {{rulesets}} --strict

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