Команда phing: опции, ключи и примеры использования


A PHP build tool based on Apache Ant. More information:

  • Perform the default task in the build.xml file:


  • Initialise a new build file:

phing -i {{path/to/build.xml}}

  • Perform a specific task:

phing {{task_name}}

  • Specify a custom build file path:

phing -f {{path/to/build.xml}} {{task_name}}

  • Specify a log file to output to:

phing -b {{path/to/log_file}} {{task_name}}

  • Specify custom properties to use in the build:

phing -D{{property}}={{value}} {{task_name}}

  • Specify a custom listener class:

phing -listener {{class_name}} {{task_name}}

  • Build using verbose output:

phing -verbose {{task_name}}

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