Команда pax: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Archiving and copying utility.

  • List the contents of an archive:

pax -f {{archive.tar}}

  • List the contents of a gzipped archive:

pax -zf {{archive.tar.gz}}

  • Create an archive from files:

pax -wf {{target.tar}} {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}} {{path/to/file3}}

  • Create an archive from files, using output redirection:

pax -w {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}} {{path/to/file3}} > {{target.tar}}

  • Extract an archive into the current directory:

pax -rf {{source.tar}}

  • Copy to a directory, while keeping the original metadata; target/ must exist:

pax -rw {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/directory1}} {{path/to/directory2}} {{target/}}

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