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Команда nmap: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Network exploration tool and security / port scanner. Some features only activate when Nmap is run with privileges.

  • Try to determine whether the specified hosts are up and what are their names:

nmap -sn {{ip_or_hostname}} {{optional_another_address}}

  • Like above, but also run a default 1000-port TCP scan if host seems up:

nmap {{ip_or_hostname}} {{optional_another_address}}

  • Also enable scripts, service detection, OS fingerprinting and traceroute:

nmap -A {{address_or_addresses}}

  • Assume good network connection and speed up execution:

nmap -T4 {{address_or_addresses}}

  • Scan a specific list of ports (use -p- for all ports 1-65535):

nmap -p {{port1,port2,...,portN}} {{address_or_addresses}}

  • Perform TCP and UDP scanning (use -sU for UDP only, -sZ for SCTP, -sO for IP):

nmap -sSU {{address_or_addresses}}

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