Reads and writes tcp or udp data.

  • Listen on a specified port:

nc -l {{port}}

  • Connect to a certain port (you can then write to this port):

nc {{ip_address}} {{port}}

  • Set a timeout:

nc -w {{timeout_in_seconds}} {{ipaddress}} {{port}}

  • Serve a file:

nc -l {{port}} < {{file}}

  • Receive a file:

nc {{ip_address}} {{port}} > {{file}}

  • Server stay up after client detach:

nc -k -l {{port}}

  • Client stay up after EOF:

nc -q {{timeout}} {{ip_address}}

  • Port scanning:

nc -v -z {{ip_address}} {{port}}

  • Proxy and port forwarding:

nc -l {{port}} | nc {{hostname}} {{port}}

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