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Команда mu: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Index and search emails from a local Maildir. More information: https://man.cx/mu.

  • Initialize the email database, optionally specifying the Maildir directory and email addresses:

mu init --maildir={{path/to/directory}} --my-address={{name@example.com}}

  • Index new emails:

mu index

  • Find messages using a specific keyword (in message body, subject, sender, ...):

mu find {{keyword}}

  • Find messages to Alice with subject jellyfish containing the words apples or oranges:

mu find to:{{alice}} subject:{{jellyfish}} {{apples}} OR {{oranges}}

  • Find unread messages about words starting with soc (the * only works at the end of the search term) in the Sent Items folder:

mu find 'subject:{{soc}}*' flag:{{unread}} maildir:'/{{Sent Items}}'

  • Find messages from Sam with attached images, between 2 KiB and 2 MiB, written in 2021:

mu find 'mime:{{image/*}} size:{{2k..2m}} date:{{20210101..20211231}} from:{{sam}}

  • List contacts with Bob in either name or email address:

mu cfind {{Bob}}

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