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Команда montage: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Imagemagick image montage tool. Tiles images into a customisable grid.

  • Tile images into a grid, automatically resizing images larger than the grid cell size:

montage {{image1.png}} {{image2.jpg}} {{imageN.png}} montage.jpg

  • Tile images into a grid, automatically calculating the grid cell size from the largest image:

montage {{image1.png}} {{image2.jpg}} {{imageN.png}} -geometry +0+0 montage.jpg

  • Set the grid cell size and resize images to fit it before tiling:

montage {{image1.png}} {{image2.jpg}} {{imageN.png}} -geometry 640x480+0+0 montage.jpg

  • Limit the number of rows and columns in the grid, causing input images to overflow into multiple output montages:

montage {{image1.png}} {{image2.jpg}} {{imageN.png}} -geometry +0+0 -tile 2x3 montage_%d.jpg

  • Resize and crop images to completely fill their grid cells before tiling:

montage {{image1.png}} {{image2.jpg}} {{imageN.png}} -geometry +0+0 -resize 640x480^ -gravity center -crop 640x480+0+0 montage.jpg

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