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Команда mailx: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Send and receive mail.

  • Send mail (the content should be typed after the command, and ended with Ctrl+D):

mailx -s "{{subject}}" {{to_addr}}

  • Send mail with content passed from another command:

echo "{{content}}" | mailx -s "{{subject}}" {{to_addr}}

  • Send mail with content read from a file:

mailx -s "{{subject}}" {{to_addr}} < {{content.txt}}

  • Send mail to a recipient and CC to another address:

mailx -s "{{subject}}" -c {{cc_addr}} {{to_addr}}

  • Send mail specifying the sender address:

mailx -s "{{subject}}" -r {{from_addr}} {{to_addr}}

  • Send mail with an attachment:

mailx -a {{file}} -s "{{subject}}" {{to_addr}}

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