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Команда lynx: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Command-line web browser. More information: https://lynx.browser.org.

  • Visit a website:

lynx {{example.com}}

  • Apply restrictions for anonymous account:

lynx -anonymous {{example.com}}

  • Turn on mouse support, if available:

lynx -use_mouse {{example.com}}

  • Force color mode on, if available:

lynx -color {{example.com}}

  • Open a link, using a specific file to read and write cookies:

lynx -cookie_file={{path/to/file}} {{example.com}}

  • Navigate forwards and backwards through the links on a page:

Up arrow key, Down arrow key

  • Go back to the previously displayed page:

Left arrow key or u

  • Exit:

q then y

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