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Команда json5: опции, ключи и примеры использования


A command-line tool for converting JSON5 files to JSON. More information: https://json5.org.

  • Convert JSON5 stdin to JSON stdout:

echo {{input}} | json5

  • Convert a JSON5 file to JSON and output to stdout:

json5 {{path/to/input_file.json5}}

  • Convert a JSON5 file to the specified JSON file:

json5 {{path/to/input_file.json5}} --out-file {{path/to/output_file.json}}

  • Validate a JSON5 file:

json5 {{path/to/input_file.json5}} --validate

  • Specify the number of spaces to indent by (or "t" for tabs):

json5 --space {{indent_amount}}

  • View available options:

json5 --help