Команда jhipster: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Web application generator using either monolithic or microservices architecture. More information:

  • Generate a simple full-stack project (monolithic or microservices):


  • Generate a simple frontend project:

jhipster --skip-server

  • Generate a simple backend project:

jhipster --skip-client

  • Apply latest JHipster updates to the project:

jhipster upgrade

  • Add a new entity to a generated project:

jhipster entity {{entity_name}}

  • Import a JDL file to configure your application (see:

jhipster import-jdl {{first_file.jh second_file.jh ... n_file.jh}}

  • Generate a CI/CD pipeline for your application:

jhipster ci-cd

  • Generate a Kubernetes configuration for your application:

jhipster kubernetes

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