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Команда grep: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Matches patterns in input text. Supports simple patterns and regular expressions.

  • Search for an exact string:

grep {{search_string}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Search in case-insensitive mode:

grep -i {{search_string}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Search recursively (ignoring non-text files) in current directory for an exact string:

grep -rI {{search_string}} .

  • Use extended regular expressions (supporting ?, +, {}, () and |):

grep -E {{^regex$}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Print 3 lines of [C]ontext around, [B]efore, or [A]fter each match:

grep -{{C|B|A}} 3 {{search_string}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Print the count of matches instead of the matching text:

grep -c {{search_string}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Print line number for each match:

grep -n {{search_string}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Print file names with matches:

grep -l {{search_string}} {{path/to/file}}

  • Use the standard input instead of a file:

cat {{path/to/file}} | grep {{search_string}}

  • Invert match for excluding specific strings:

grep -v {{search_string}}