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Команда gist: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Upload code to https://gist.github.com.

  • Login in gist on this computer:

gist --login

  • Create a gist from any number of text files:

gist {{file.txt}} {{file2.txt}}

  • Create a private gist with a description:

gist -p -d {{"A meaningful description"}} {{file.txt}}

  • Read contents from STDIN and create a gist from it:

{{echo "hello world"}} | gist

  • List your public and private gists:

gist -l

  • List all gists for the currently logged in user:

gist -l {{user_name}}

  • Use the id from the gist URL to modify or include a file:

gist -u {{GIST_ID}} {{file.txt}}

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