Мануалы и справочники Общие команды

Команда gh: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Work seamlessly with GitHub from the command line. More information: https://cli.github.com/.

  • Clone a GitHub repository locally:

gh repo clone {{owner}}/{{repository}}

  • Create a new issue:

gh issue create

  • View and filter the open issues of the current repository:

gh issue list

  • View an issue in the browser:

gh issue view --web {{issue_number}}

  • Create a pull request:

gh pr create

  • View a pull request in the browser:

gh pr view --web {{pr_number}}

  • Locally check out the branch of a pull request, given its number:

gh pr checkout {{pr_number}}

  • Check the status of a repository's pull requests:

gh pr status