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Команда gh-api: опции, ключи и примеры использования

gh api

Makes authenticated HTTP requests to the GitHub API and prints the response. More information: https://cli.github.com/manual/gh_api.

  • Display the subcommand help:

gh api --help

  • Display the releases for the current repository in JSON format:

gh api repos/:owner/:repo/releases

  • Create a reaction for a specific issue:

gh api --header {{Accept:application/vnd.github.squirrel-girl-preview+json}} --raw-field '{{content=+1}}' {{repos/:owner/:repo/issues/123/reactions}}

  • Display the result of a GraphQL query in JSON format:

gh api graphql --field {{name=':repo'}} --raw-field '{{query}}'

  • Send a request using a custom HTTP method:

gh api --method {{POST}} {{endpoint}}

  • Include the HTTP response headers in the output:

gh api --include {{endpoint}}

  • Do not print the response body:

gh api --silent {{endpoint}}

  • Send a request to a specific GitHub Enterprise Server:

gh api --hostname {{github.example.com}} {{endpoint}}

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