Команда fswatch: опции, ключи и примеры использования


A cross-platform file change monitor.

  • Run a bash command on file creation, update or deletion:

fswatch -0 {{path/to/file}} | xargs -0 {{bash_command}}

  • Watch one or more files and/or directories:

fswatch -0 {{path/to/file}} {{path/to/directory}} {{path/to/another_directory/**/*.js}} | xargs -0 {{bash_command}}

  • Use {} in your bash command as a placeholder for the absolute path to the changed file:

fswatch -0 {{path/to/directory}} | xargs -0 -I {} {{bash_command}}

  • Filter by event type, eg. Updated, Deleted or Created:

fswatch -0 --event {{Updated}} {{path/to/directory}} | xargs -0 {{bash_command}}

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