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Команда find: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Find files under the given directory tree, recursively.

  • Find files by extension:

find {{root_path}} -name '{{*.ext}}'

  • Find files matching path pattern:

find {{root_path}} -path '{{**/lib/**/*.ext}}'

  • Run a command for each file, use {} within the command to access the filename:

find {{root_path}} -name '{{*.ext}}' -exec {{wc -l {} }}\;

  • Find files modified since a certain time:

find {{root_path}} -name '{{}}' -mtime {{-1}}

  • Find files using case insensitive name matching, of a certain size:

find {{root_path}} -size +500k -size -10MB -iname '{{*.TaR.gZ}}'

  • Delete files by name, older than a certain number of days:

find {{root_path}} -name '{{*.ext}}' -mtime {{-180}} -delete

  • Find files matching more than one search criteria:

find {{root_path}} -name '{{*.py}}' -or -name '{{*.r}}'

  • Find files matching a given pattern, while excluding specific paths:

find {{root_path}} -name '{{*.py}}' -not -path '{{*/site-packages/*}}'

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