Команда evil-winrm: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Windows Remote Management (WinRM) shell for pentesting. Once connected, we get a PowerShell prompt on the target host. More information:

  • Connect to a host:

evil-winrm --ip {{ip}} --user {{user}} --password {{password}}

  • Connect to a host, passing the password hash:

evil-winrm --ip {{ip}} --user {{user}} --hash {{nt_hash}}

  • Connect to a host, specifying directories for scripts and executables:

evil-winrm --ip {{ip}} --user {{user}} --password {{password}} --scripts {{path/to/scripts}} --executables {{path/to/executables}}

  • Connect to a host, using SSL:

evil-winrm --ip {{ip}} --user {{user}} --password {{password}} --ssl --pub-key {{path/to/pubkey}} --priv-key {{path/to/privkey}}

  • Upload a file to the host:

PS > upload {{path/to/local/file}} {{path/to/remote/file}}

  • Get a list of loaded PowerShell functions:

PS > menu

  • Load a PowerShell script from the --scripts directory:

PS > {{script.ps1}}

  • Invoke a binary on the host from the --executables directory:

PS > Invoke-Binary {{binary.exe}}

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