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Команда etcdctl: опции, ключи и примеры использования


CLI interface for interacting with etcd, a highly-available key-value pair store. Etcd stores data in hierarchically organized directories, as in a standard filesystem. More information: https://etcd.io/docs/latest/dev-guide/interacting_v3/.

  • Display the value associated with a specified key:

etcdctl get {{my/key}}

  • Store a key-value pair:

etcdctl put {{my/key}} {{my_value}}

  • Delete a key-value pair:

etcdctl del {{my/key}}

  • Store a key-value pair, reading the value from a file:

etcdctl put {{my/file}} < {{path/to/file.txt}}

  • Save a snapshot of the etcd keystore:

etcdctl snapshot save {{path/to/snapshot.db}}

  • Restore a snapshot of an etcd keystore (restart the etcd server afterwards):

etcdctl snapshot restore {{path/to/snapshot.db}}

  • Add a user:

etcdctl user add {{my_user}}

  • Watch a key for changes:

etcdctl watch {{my/key}}