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Команда drill: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Perform various DNS queries.

  • Lookup the IP(s) associated with a hostname (A records):

drill {{example.com}}

  • Lookup the mail server(s) associated with a given domain name (MX record):

drill mx {{example.com}}

  • Get all types of records for a given domain name:

drill any {{example.com}}

  • Specify an alternate DNS server to query:

drill {{example.com}} @{{}}

  • Perform a reverse DNS lookup on an IP address (PTR record):

drill -x {{}}

  • Perform DNSSEC trace from root servers down to a domain name:

drill -TD {{example.com}}

  • Show DNSKEY record(s) for a domain name:

drill -s dnskey {{example.com}}