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Команда diffoscope: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Compare files, archives, and directories. More information: https://diffoscope.org.

  • Compare two files:

diffoscope {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}}

  • Compare two files without displaying a progress bar:

diffoscope --no-progress {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}}

  • Compare two files and write a HTML-report to a file (use - for stdout):

diffoscope --html {{path/to/outfile|-}} {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}}

  • Compare two directories excluding files with a name matching a specified pattern:

diffoscope --exclude {{pattern}} {{path/to/directory1}} {{path/to/directory2}}

  • Compare two directories and control whether directory metadata is considered:

diffoscope --exclude-directory-metadata {{auto|yes|no|recursive}} {{path/to/directory1}} {{path/to/directory2}}