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Команда cf: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Command line tool to manage apps and services on Cloud Foundry. More information: https://docs.cloudfoundry.org.

  • Push an app using the default settings:

cf push {{app_name}}

  • View the services available from your organization:

cf marketplace

  • Create a service instance:

cf create-service {{service}} {{plan}} {{service_name}}

  • Connect an application to a service:

cf bind-service {{app_name}} {{service_name}}

  • Run a script whose code is included in the app, but runs independently:

cf run-task {{app_name}} "{{script_command}}" --name {{task_name}}

  • Start an interactive SSH session with a VM hosting an app:

cf ssh {{app_name}}

  • View a dump of recent app logs:

cf logs {{app_name}} --recent

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