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Команда brittany: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Pretty-print Haskell source files. More information: https://github.com/lspitzner/brittany#readme.

  • Format a Haskell source file and print the result to stdout:

brittany {{path/to/file.hs}}

  • Format all Haskell source files in the current directory in-place:

brittany --write-mode=inplace {{*.hs}}

  • Check whether a Haskell source file needs changes and indicate the result through the programme's exit code:

brittany --check-mode {{path/to/file.hs}}

  • Format a Haskell source file using the specified amount of spaces per indentation level and line length:

brittany --indent {{4}} --columns {{100}} {{path/to/file.hs}}

  • Format a Haskell source file according to the style defined in the specified config file:

brittany --config-file {{path/to/config.yaml}} {{path/to/file.hs}}

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