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Команда brew: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Package manager for macOS and Linux. More information: https://brew.sh.

  • Install the latest stable version of a formula or cask (use --devel for development versions):

brew install {{formula}}

  • List all installed formulae and casks:

brew list

  • Upgrade an installed formula or cask (if none is given, all installed formulae/casks are upgraded):

brew upgrade {{formula}}

  • Fetch the newest version of Homebrew and of all formulae and casks from the Homebrew source repository:

brew update

  • Show formulae and casks that have a more recent version available:

brew outdated

  • Search for available formulae (i.e. packages) and casks (i.e. native packages):

brew search {{text}}

  • Display information about a formula or a cask (version, installation path, dependencies, etc.):

brew info {{formula}}

  • Check the local Homebrew installation for potential problems:

brew doctor