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Команда aws-google-auth: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Command line tool to acquire AWS temporary (STS) credentials using Google Apps as a federated (Single Sign-On) provider. More information: https://github.com/cevoaustralia/aws-google-auth.

  • Login with Google SSO using the IDP and SP identifiers and set the credentials duration to one hour:

aws-google-auth -u {{example@example.com}} -I {{$GOOGLE_IDP_ID}} -S {{$GOOGLE_SP_ID}} -d {{3600}}

  • Login [a]sking which role to use (in case of several available SAML roles):

aws-google-auth -u {{example@example.com}} -I {{$GOOGLE_IDP_ID}} -S {{$GOOGLE_SP_ID}} -d {{3600}} -a

  • Resolve aliases for AWS accounts:

aws-google-auth -u {{example@example.com}} -I {{$GOOGLE_IDP_ID}} -S {{$GOOGLE_SP_ID}} -d {{3600}} -a --resolve-aliases

  • Show help information:

aws-google-auth -h