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Команда assimp: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Command-line client for the Open Asset Import Library. Supports loading of 40+ 3D file formats, and exporting to several popular 3D formats.

  • List all supported import formats:

assimp listext

  • List all supported export formats:

assimp listexport

  • Convert a file to one of the supported output formats, using the default parameters:

assimp export {{input_file.stl}} {{output_file.obj}}

  • Convert a file using custom parameters (the dox_cmd.h file in assimp's source code lists available parameters):

assimp export {{input_file.stl}} {{output_file.obj}} {{parameters}}

  • Display a summary of a 3D file's contents:

assimp info {{path/to/file}}

  • List all supported subcommands ("verbs"):

assimp help

  • Get help on a specific subcommand (e.g. the parameters specific to it):

assimp {{subcommand}} --help