Команда amass-db: опции, ключи и примеры использования

amass db

Interact with an Amass database. More information:

  • List all performed enumerations in the database:

amass db -dir {{path/to/database_directory}} -list

  • Show results for a specified enumeration index and domain name:

amass db -dir {{path/to/database_directory}} -d {{domain_name}} -enum {{index_from_list}} -show

  • List all found subdomains of a domain within an enumeration:

amass db -dir {{path/to/database_directory}} -d {{domain_name}} -enum {{index_from_list}} -names

  • Show a summary of the found subdomains within an enumeration:

amass db -dir {{path/to/database_directory}} -d {{domain_name}} -enum {{index_from_list}} -summary

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