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Команда whence: опции, ключи и примеры использования


A zsh builtin to indicate how a given command would be interpreted.

  • Interpret {{command}}, with expansion if defined as an alias (similar to the command -v builtin):

whence {{command}}

  • Display type of {{command}}, with location if defined as a function, or binary (equivalent to the type and command -V builtins):

whence -v {{command}}

  • Same as above, except display content of shell functions instead of location (equivalent to which builtin):

whence -c {{command}}

  • Same as above, but show all occurrences on command path (equivalent to the where builtin):

whence -ca {{command}}

  • Search only the PATH for {{command}}, ignoring builtins, aliases or shell functions (equivalent to the where command):

whence -p {{command}}