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Команда tree: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Show the contents of the current directory as a tree.

  • Show files and directories up to 'num' levels of depth (where 1 means the current directory):

tree -L {{num}}

  • Show directories only:

tree -d

  • Show hidden files too:

tree -a

  • Print the tree without indentation lines, showing the full path instead (use -N to not escape whitespace and special characters):

tree -i -f

  • Print the size of each node next to it, in human-readable format, with folders displaying their cumulative size (as in the du command):

tree -s -h --du

  • Find files within the tree hierarchy, using a wildcard (glob) pattern, and pruning out directories that don't contain matching files:

tree -P '{{*.txt}}' --prune

  • Find directories within the tree hierarchy, pruning out directories that aren't ancestors of the wanted one:

tree -P {{directory_name}} --matchdirs --prune