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Команда ufw: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Uncomplicated Firewall. Frontend for iptables aiming to make configuration of a firewall easier.

  • Enable ufw:

ufw enable

  • Disable ufw:

ufw disable

  • Show ufw rules, along with their numbers:

ufw status numbered

  • Allow incoming traffic on port 5432 on this host:

ufw allow {{5432}}

  • Allow only TCP traffic from to any address on this host, on port 22:

ufw allow proto {{tcp}} from {{}} to {{any}} port {{22}}

  • Deny traffic on port 80 on this host:

ufw deny {{80}}

  • Deny all UDP traffic to port 22:

ufw deny proto {{udp}} from {{any}} to {{any}} port {{22}}

  • Delete a particular rule. The rule number can be retrieved from the ufw status numbered command:

ufw delete {{rule_number}}

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