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Команда swaks: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Swiss Army Knife SMTP, the all-purpose SMTP transaction tester. More information: https://github.com/jetmore/swaks/blob/develop/doc/base.pod.

swaks --to {{user@example.com}} --server {{test-server.example.net}}

  • Deliver a standard test email, requiring CRAM-MD5 authentication as user me@example.com. An "X-Test" header will be added to the email body:

swaks --to {{user@example.com}} --from {{me@example.com}} --auth {{CRAM-MD5}} --auth-user {{me@example.com}} --header-X-Test "{{test_email}}"

  • Test a virus scanner using EICAR in an attachment. Don't show the message DATA part:

swaks -t {{user@example.com}} --attach - --server {{test-server.example.com}} --suppress-data {{path/to/eicar.txt}}

  • Test a spam scanner using GTUBE in the body of an email, routed via the MX records for example.com:

swaks --to {{user@example.com}} --body {{path/to/gtube_file}}

  • Deliver a standard test email to user@example.com using the LMTP protocol via a UNIX domain socket file:

swaks --to {{user@example.com}} --socket {{/var/lda.sock}} --protocol {{LMTP}}

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