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Команда run-mailcap: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Run MailCap Programs. Run mailcap view, see, edit, compose, print - execute programs via entries in the mailcap file (or any of its aliases) will use the given action to process each mime-type/file.

  • Individual actions/programs on run-mailcap can be invoked with action flag:

run-mailcap --action=ACTION [--option[=value]]

  • In simple language:

run-mailcap --action=ACTION {{filename}}

  • Turn on extra information:

run-mailcap --action=ACTION --debug {{filename}}

  • Ignore any "copiousoutput" directive and forward output to STD‐OUT:

run-mailcap --action=ACTION --nopager {{filename}}

  • Display the found command without actually executing it:

run-mailcap --action=ACTION --norun {{filename}}

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