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Команда po4a-gettextize: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Convert a file to a PO file. More information: https://po4a.org/man/man1/po4a-gettextize.1.php.

  • Convert a text file to PO file:

po4a-gettextize --format {{text}} --master {{path/to/master.txt}} --po {{path/to/result.po}}

  • Get a list of available formats:

po4a-gettextize --help-format

  • Convert a text file along with a translated document to a PO file (-l option can be provied multiple times):

po4a-gettextize --format {{text}} --master {{path/to/master.txt}} --localized {{path/to/translated.txt}} --po {{path/to/result.po}}

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