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Команда dnstracer: опции, ключи и примеры использования


The dnstracer command determines where a DNS gets its information from. More information: https://manned.org/dnstracer.

dnstracer {{www.example.com}}

  • Start with a [s]pecific DNS that you already know:

dnstracer -s {{dns.example.org}} {{www.example.com}}

  • Only query IPv4 servers:

dnstracer -4 {{www.example.com}}

  • Retry each request 5 times on failure:

dnstracer -r {{5}} {{www.example.com}}

  • Display all steps during execution:

dnstracer -v {{www.example.com}}

  • Display an [o]verview of all received answers after execution:

dnstracer -o {{www.example.com}}

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