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Команда cryptcat: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Cryptcat is netcat with encryption capabilities. More information: http://cryptcat.sourceforge.net.

  • [l]isten on a specified [p]ort and print any data received:

cryptcat -k {{password}} -l -p {{port}}

  • Connect to a certain port:

cryptcat -k {{password}} {{ip_address}} {{port}}

  • Set a timeout [w]:

cryptcat -k {{password}} -w {{timeout_in_seconds}} {{ip_address}} {{port}}

  • Scan [z] the open ports of a specified host:

cryptcat -v -z {{ip_address}} {{port}}

  • Act as proxy and forward data from a local TCP port to the given remote host:

cryptcat -k {{password}} -l -p {{local_port}} | cryptcat -k {{password}} {{hostname}} {{remote_port}}

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