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Команда scrapy: опции, ключи и примеры использования


Web-crawling framework.

  • Create a project:

scrapy startproject {{project_name}}

  • Create a spider (in project directory):

scrapy genspider {{spider_name}} {{website_domain}}

  • Edit spider (in project directory):

scrapy edit {{spider_name}}

  • Run spider (in project directory):

scrapy crawl {{spider_name}}

  • Fetch a webpage as scrapy sees it and print source in stdout:

scrapy fetch {{url}}

  • Open a webpage in the default browser as scrapy sees it (disable javascript for extra fidelity):

scrapy view {{url}}

  • Open scrapy shell for url, which allows interaction with the page source in python shell (or ipython if available):

scrapy shell {{url}}

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