Команда choco-upgrade: опции, ключи и примеры использования

choco upgrade

Upgrade one or more packages with Chocolatey. More information:

  • Upgrade one or more space-separated packages:

choco upgrade {{package(s)}}

  • Upgrade to a specific version of a package:

choco upgrade {{package}} --version {{version}}

  • Upgrade all packages:

choco upgrade all

  • Upgrade all except specified comma-separated packages:

choco upgrade all --except "{{package(s)}}"

  • Confirm all prompts automatically:

choco upgrade {{package}} --yes

  • Specify a custom source to receive packages from:

choco upgrade {{package}} --source {{source_url|alias}}

  • Provide a username and password for authentication:

choco upgrade {{package}} --user {{username}} --password {{password}}

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