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Команда bleachbit_console: опции, ключи и примеры использования


The Bleachbit command-line interface (CLI) allows users to automate the process of cleaning junk files on their system. It can be run with various command-line arguments to perform different clean-up operations. More information: https://docs.bleachbit.org/doc/command-line-interface.html.

  • Perform the clean-up operation and delete files:

bleachbit_console.exe --clean

  • Preview the files that will be deleted and other changes that will be made before actually performing the clean-up operation:

bleachbit_console.exe --preview

  • Display system information:

bleachbit_console.exe --sysinfo

  • Start the graphical user interface (GUI) version of Bleachbit:

bleachbit_console.exe --gui

  • Display version:

bleachbit_console.exe --version